Not yet Midnight – whoohoo i made it. 


Its 4 Minutes to midnight. I am in bed. I made it. Since we reached Norway in June it’s my goal to get into bed before midnight. First night I managed. It’s still the same light outside as it was after dinner when Manu and I went for a shower hunt. We were lucky, a small hotel had one for us. I don’t understand why a marina doesn’t provide facilities like that at all. Anyways we found one after a while. Maybe the last for a long time… 

I am not yet super tiered but in bed! tomorrow will be the day we leave Tromsø. 

Still, we have some things to do, also bunker fuel and food. As the tides aren’t that strong and it’s not getting dark we have no time pressure. We will leave at one point tomorrow. The route will be first to the outer part of all this little islands and then to bear island, halfway to Spitzbergen.

So for today this means, go to sleep in time. Jepp, done. But first a few words into the blog. 

Works on the boat are getting done. The boye we would use to throw after a person that fell into the water isn’t yet quite stable swimming upright but the windows of the steering stand are fixed with screws not only glued on, what was fine for now but for the Arctic it should be better secured, and the dinghy is mainly fixed as well. 

Kitchen sorted and first aid kit is deluxe. 

Manu showed me the fancy architecture off the city library. Really fancy. You see her walking on the other side of the street checking for the opening hours. 9am-7pm and free Wifi. 

I got a real Norwegian jumper. 

And spotted the first polar bear. 

Good night. 

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