Tromsø to Torsvag

We saw it in the map but it still appeared out of nowhere. The view is miserable, air temperature under 10 Degrees Celsius and pretty wet. But you can’t see the rain dropping. We are still 600nsm south of Spitzbergen. We can’t tell if there is snow on any mountain or if there is any mountain at all around us. It’s just foggy. And we could be nearly everywhere. 

We let Tromsø behind us in the morning at 7 and made it here, 60nsm up north to a small fisher place called Torsvag which is supposed to have 20 inhabitants but we can count 30 fishingboats… We motored easy with 5kn around 11hours, had some tries for fishing but weren’t successful. 

Riley cooked us red cabbage with ginger and carrots, also backed up some of the frozen 18kg cod the crew caught while I was trying to sail to the Channel Islands. He is an understatement cook. I always like his food. 

It started raining after we’ve docked. No one can be bothered to go out there and find out, how many people are living here. So we stay with 20 People. It’s game night tonight: monopoli. 

Last night of internet until Spitzbergen. Not only does this mean we can’t chat around the world constantly, it also means our sources for weather and nautical information will be limited. The adventure that we are in is big. And we will check every source tonight to have the best possible overview until we reach Baerisland in a few days. I do much hope to be able to visit the weather station there. 


And of course Popcorn:

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