The End of procrastination 


We had a little dinner, sorted everything. So there really is nothing left to do. Money’s transferred, crew agreements are singed, shift plan written. 

You can’t tell what scares the crew more, at least two weeks with no phone connection or actually sailing up so fare north. 

No one decided to get of the boat, so we are leaving towards north. We are really doing it. 

I don’t need to be brave, I took a seasickness plaster while we weren’t yet on the move. I have no interest in being seasick during my shifts or while cooking. It’s my turn tomorrow. 

The rain has lifted the fog a bit and we can see the breakwater this time clearly. 
We hoist sails, set the route about 25 Degrees, no waypoints, just straight. 

I take a nap for an hour before my shift starts. Waking up from it I feel a bit dissy. 

I get my self dressed with no major bruises. But I don’t feel right. Coming upstairs Fredrik directed me to starboard. “That’s your side” I took it happily. As quick as it came it was over again and I realice Ingvild wasn’t sitting on the other side for fun. Poor girl, she really seams to have it. 

I am on shift with Steffen, it’s kind of unspectacular. Waves are about 3m, some break, some don’t. But they clearly dictate the direction the boat is going, all we do is getting the boat back on 25 Degree as soon as we can. Next wave, next try. The waves are a bit annoying and bring bruises to everyone trying to move around. But we’ve got something to do during the shift. Nothing worse than boredom. The main is in the medium reef and the ship lays heavy on the water. The wind keeps us going, 8kn. This would mean about 1.5days to Bearisland. We know it will not be like this for the whole crossing. Kind of sad actually. I like it this way. 

We saw a tanker/cargo in the distance and birds playing around the ship. As long as there are birds, all is good. 

My shifts finish at 2am. I don’t make it straight to bed. My stomach didn’t like the spinach pasta for dinner and I need to stop in the bathroom. 

Actually it looks gross. We should only eat glitter or rainbow colors during crossings. That would be much nicer. 

And the next person asks for seasickness tablets. Lucky us that the medicine is well sorted in bags and labeled. No one needs to search long or read packages. 

Good night. 

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