Fludded Toilet 


I step in front of our room door to use the toilet. A half step, still on socks. Ihhh. Back, shoes on. Someone fludded the toilet and the carpet in front of outdoor is the carpet in front of the bathroom. It’s soacked with water. Well the system isn’t very modern but it’s not rocket science as well. For a quick moment the question comes up, how many boats might have actually get in struggle due to the sea entering through the toilet?… I still dream of fludded toilets during the night or even on land I have the urge to double check the toilet after I caused a flud myself in the beginning in Ireland. 

Didn’t the forecast say something about sun? It’s still just gray in gray. 

The dinner I made is tidied up and I don’t want to go any risk in standing in the kitchen to heat some up. But am more than thankful when Fredrik asks me if I’d like some.

I am on shift with Steffen, he will get some later while I am steering. We are motoring with 4kn northwards. 

He said he saw a buoy the other shift. We are still hoping for some interesting things to see. 

We find some white thing in the water. It wasn’t a medium sized polar bear. Maybe one of the balloons the weather station use for measurements… Who knows. 

Our compass starts to show a wired behavior. Within 15min I had it spinning through 3times. At first time I really thought I am loosing it, can’t steer straight in calm waters. Second time I thought maybe the iPad is to close and the magnetic fields are interfering. The third time I told Steffen and he said he can’t feel the boat turning as well and the it was gone. Back on course 35Degrees. Wired. 

In my steering break I clean the dishes we’ve used. All good. Until Katarina started to heat up butter in a pan next to me. Luckily I was done in the kitchen anyways. Being outside the fresh air did magic. But not long later Manu was running outside saying she can’t smell that shit, what ever it might be. Just butter, garlic, chilli and some leech. We are sharing the room that is closes to the kitchen (and the bathroom). Outside all is good for her again and she reports the story of her doing the dishes last night. She made it till the last cup and then felt so sick that she’d been using the bathroom a bit longer. She can lough again The smell also called Riley up, asking for food. It’s said that he was up during the shifts, ate 3 portions of the dinner I made and disappeared in his room again. He always seems to have a good appetite. And still, he is loosing weight. But he is too late this time, he has to go with Wasa and Kaviarcreme. 

The sun tries to fight through the clouds and on the horizon we can the it shimmering on the water. I even think I saw a minor part of blue sky. But it’s gone again. The world is gray again. 

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