Genua down, engine on. 


I’m back on shift, I meet Steffen out there all alone. His Co pilot was missing due to seasickness.  

The Genua is down and the engine is running again. Main is still in reef and the Besan is up as well. The wind is low and the waves are longer. 

I am with Riley this time. He asks how I am and seams relieved when I said all good. He obviously had to do his last shift all alone as well. 

We share the steering and while I am not steering I am cutting vegs for dinner. Cutting is a challenge even though the waves are much calmer than to night. I somehow get it. 

Onion mushroom sauce with pasta. 

In the beginning I thought, I would propper blend the vegs to a white sauce but I can’t be bothered to get the blender out of the last dark corner of the drawer. The pot that I choose for the pasta doesn’t fit next to the wok which hold the sauce. Damn. I build a funky construction in the sink and hope it will last through the waves. Noway I am standing in the kitchen one minute longer than necessary. I am sitting on the steps watching the pots and waiting for the pasta to be ready. I am ok, but fresh air is better to stay ok. And I can still entertain Riley from here. 

When our shift is over, the food will be ready. 

I am not hungry at all. Maybe something is left when I come back later. 

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