No vision, no waves, no wind. 


Ingvild seems to be alive again, at least did I see her sitting outside in her shift for a bit. 
Riley makes some coffe and I get a fresh ginger tea. 

Steffens shift is over and he reports that he had a spinning compass in his shift again. So that thing is really doing it. No phantasy. Maybe, we are getting to fare north… these things should be reliable. 

We use the gps as reference. One should never do this as single resource. But what is the alternative. We have nothing that give us orientation on the water. Just sea and gray. So, paper charts or even a sextant wouldn’t help. So we go with the iPad. 

We have the plotter with the AIS activated, in case a ship might cross our way in the fog. And Radar is running under deck on the navigation pult. Who constructed that? In waves there is no chance to stand safe in front of it. 

Riley saw Dolphins in his last shift. Impressive. They might still use the warm part of the gulf current up here. 

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