Baerisland and polar bears


The island looks soft and rough at the same time. Uncountable sweat water lakes are the witnesses of a winter full of ice and snow. But we can just stare at the cliffs. Our anchorage is in the middle of a birds sanctuary. We are not allowed to go on land at this corner of the island. Did I say land? As quick as the fog had lifted to allow us a glaze at this peace of land in the middle of the sea as quick did he take it away from us. You can barely see the tip of the boat within seconds. We spend the day and the night at this place. Hoping to be able to see a bit more and also to visit the leftovers of an old coal mine a bit further up in no fog conditions. 
While Baerisland is snow free in summer the pack ice reaches the shore in winter and allow the polar bears to go wander. Not all of them return, some might stay in the island for the short summer period. Hunting isn’t easy in there days. Especially for a polar bear mum with two cubs. It is said that a few years a b-star celebrity with some friends placed a tone of wale blubber on shore for the polar bear family to survive. The already prepared the wale to make him transportable in their sail boat but by the time they reached Baerisland the iced wale already started to melt. The ship was full of wale and I can just roughly imagine the smell and the cold glibbery in the boat. I have respect for these men that went so fare out of their way to help these little family survive. 

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