Land in a grey dress: Baerisland/ Bjørnøya 


We can see the land covered in gray since a while and as we come closer the fog lifts for a short moment so that we can make the pinnacle out that stands like a needle in the south. 

It’s starting to rain and bearisland is becoming more shape. 

My shift is with Riley but Fredrik is still up there steering, so I’m reading my book. Magnetic North. A tip I got on the Orkneys from a lady I met in the shower, she comes from newzeeland. The book is a brief introduction of the parts, countries and their beliefs or interests in the Arctic. My main focus lies on Spitzbergen but I will surely read the rest of the book as well. 

I have learned so fare that animals in the Arctic have more fat than the same species elsewhere in the world and that some animal travel from pol to pol and some take 1600years for that journey. 

Also interesting is the fact that greenhouse gasses are captured in the permafrost and that due to the global warming they are set free. It’s a catch 22. 

The animals also store more environmental poison in their fat and spread it through commercial fishing globally. 

Yes, it is a national reservoir but it sounds anything else but healthy. 

Baerisland. In the Barents sea, halfway between North Cap and Spitzbergen lays an island only few have ever heard of. It’s 20x13km long and only 9 meteorologists live on it with three dogs amongst bird colonies. There is no huddle, no noise that would proof human living around. All you can here is a noise of the birds, flying out for food or to play in the wind, calling for their partner or require food. And occasionally a wave breaking on shore. This island truly is in nowhere and we aren’t jet there where we are aiming for. 

We anchor in a bay at bearisland in the south but we are not allowed on land. It would probably not easy to overcome the cliffs but I saw a little sandy beach. That would have been interesting. But I still hope that we find a spot to anchor in the north, close to the weather station tomorrow. 

The plan is to leave over night, it’s light anyways and we could then reach the weather station in civil times. It is assumed that the swell in the north is bigger and no one could sleep their or is free willing to cook. So we tent to stay as little on the ship as we can and do all the cool things one can do on bearisland. 

Like: visiting the weather station, join a nude dipping club, see a merchandise store, have a walk and have a shower. 

For now this means, reading my book, sleep a while and hoping that a talented chef is on duty today. 

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