Nude bathing club

There is a nude bathing club on the island, hot taps and a sauna. The club has 4040 members already. Several high ranked politicians are members and some people just drive out here to make a diploma in nude dipping. Three conditions need to be full filled to become a member. 1. Obviously you need to be fully undressed 2. You need to be fully under water and 3. There must be witness of the opposite sex. 

Doesn’t sound much right. So it’s 4.5*Celsius out there, the water temperature is 4.4*Celsius. Sitting inside and talking about it makes it a bit too easy to say we do it. Even though there is no hot tap or sauna heated up, it would take a proper while to do so. Anyway, we say, we do it. 

We walk down to the rocky beach. We got towels. Undressing myself from three layers of clothing brings me step by step closer to reality. What is the best order to freeze the less. Maybe bottoms first. Keeping the socks till last would have been even better. The towel is more for protection from the wind than from sights. I am sure everyone is as freezing and will not be able to pay too much attention to his or her neighbor. 

We run in the water all together. But after a few steps the methods vary, some just dive in to have it ticked of, I keep on walking, the stones are not so nice to walk on or is it the temperature that hurt my feet, don’t know. Katarina and I still need to dip. We count to three, dip, done, out. 

Now the nude dipping club has 6 members more. 

Riley keeps on swimming in that water, he really seams to enjoy it.  

Feet don’t feel the rocks anymore. The body feels suddenly warm on the air, I just dress up with undies and my shirt. There will be the special luxury of a hot shower for us. This is no part of the bylaws. It’s because the weather crew feels for us. Like always: We didn’t had a shower in about a week, some longer and the next option will be in a week, maybe. That’s just so super kind and we are thankful about this opportunity. 

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