Up north 


It’s about 10pm, Manu is cooking pasta promodore. Everyone is hungry and all eyes are on her, hopefully the dinner is ready soon. 

The boat was in sight from shore, the fog had lifted a bit and Matz, the engeneer accompanied us down to the pier. He keeps sitting on the dock in the bay to watch us sadly reaching FAIRWINDS, it looks like he would have loved to join us. The water was glas green, sky still gray. I’ve never seen such a green sea. 

Anchor is up, dinghy stored and we are on our way up north. What an adventure. Everyone looks a bit tiered, we watch an episode of suits before everyone goes their way. Riley and I stay up. We are on shift till 2am. Nearly nothing is to do, the steering lays perfect and we just keep lookout for ships. Yes, on AIS, the view is miserable – again. 

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