We are not the only sailboat out here. 


We leave our sheltered anchorage around 10am. On the map it looks like this little bay on the south tip of the island was the only protected anchorage around and still we had some swells banging unclosed or not fixated doors. Time to leave…
While we do so a fresh ship Eliot comes in. Out of sight but not unseen. AIS is a fine thing. We would have been much lonelier without it during our journey. Eliot was in Tromsø as well and remembers our adventures boat with the diving bottles in the back. We might see each other in Longyearbyen, the main city in Svalbard.  

We skip the coal mine. The sea is rough and the waves are breaking on shore. No one is keen to challenge the stability of the dinghy or figure out an art to get on land dry. 

Next stop weather station. It is in the north of the island. Hopefully the wave pattern are more in our favor than on the east side. 

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