Same old grey story 


Ingvild was on cooking, I can smell it and it got me out of bed. The most compfi place on the boat. But for a proper tomato soup it’s wort leaving this place. I am still on dishes, the next break between the shifts will just be 6hours so I try to be quick with it after my shift. 

Hm. Our watch is calm, same old grey story. I do the major part of the dishes upfront while Riley is steering. Or in other words reading with an eye on the navigation. The boat lays heavy on the water and keeps the line well. Just some waves require an adjustment. Under this conditions we really don’t miss the autopilot. 

I’ve read all my books and articles about Bearisland and Svalbard so the time has come for my big blue book about yachting. I am thankful for my ebook reader. This book is massive, heavy, big and a book of this size can have a fearful effect. But digital… You don’t see this characters. 

I start I the beginning and read about yacht types, sails, steerings and different materials. After my shift I am on position 6% of the book and can barley recall what I’ve been reading about. It felt interesting while reading, though… I am curious if I will get to the end of this book ever. It’s my third attempt and I am already further than in my first two attempts. 

In 15min our shift will be over. It wasn’t too cold this time, the first 45min I was sitting outside with no jacket. So just four layers off clothing. This is the difference between day and night shifts, the temperature. Btw I still hold it for a myth that the sun doesn’t go down in summer. Or maybe yes, if the sun never comes up she doesn’t go down as well…

A cruise liner is steering towards us picking me out of my daydream about the sun topic back into reality. With 12kn he approaches us un a direct line. We better make way to keep us clear. We alter the way to starboard. And can see he did the same. A fisher was coming from 10 o’clock to join the party but wisely turned around. The way us clear, we pass by with a good mile distance. Of course we can’t see each other. 

The tomato soup is empty and I clean the last dishes. It’s a short break and I will spend it under my cosy sleeping bag keep on reading. 

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