Sleepy morning, sugary breakfast and a sink full dishes


I am tiered, I’ve slept well and deep but I could sleep even more. I feel a bit chilly and I put on another base layer of long merino underwear and swap my fleece against a medium thick woolen jumper. 

I still have the option to adjust my cloth for cooler temperature. Step by step the closer we get up north. 

I am on shift with Steffen, we watch a movie that doesn’t require brain, having the eyes on the AIS and on the compass. We are steering a straight line, well the boat does, easy shift. 

Breakfast, I am really hungry and try the crunchy mysli once again but it still is too sugary for me. I will make my mind up for an alternative in the next morning shift.  

I am in dishes and I wounder how from 2am to 8am there can be that much dishes including two pots… Well, mystery. Done. 

Good night so fare. 

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