Glacier and stones: Hansbreen glacier


We had a walk on shore, getting closer to the ice. The beach is mainly covered with small stones but sandy in the parts where the water comes down the hills. The water is muddy and maybe you can see through 20cm, partly just not at all. 

It’s impressive to stand next to such an amount of ice and history. We spend a while walking, looking, taking pictures…

The ice has different colors it goes from transparent, white, ice blue to stone gray. The freshly broken bits are bluer than other bits. But in the gray zone it’s hard to tell, if one walks on sand or on ice. The walls of the glacier are high maybe 4 times higher than us, or more. 

The sun hides behind clouds but a bit of blue skye can be spotted. 

We used the blue dinghy this time. It has a plastic bottom which makes it quicker to be set up. We don’t fit all in, so Fredrik takes us in groups. Back on board I keep on sitting on deck, this ice world has changed into a light blue compared with the scenery from Bjørnøya. 

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