Ice in sight Hornsund Fjord


Manu wakes me up, icebergs and a glacier showed up on the horizon. She said I don’t have to hurry it will stay for a while but I still just put on shoes and a jacket and keep in long undies instead of thermo trousers. 

Life jacket? Not required, not one swell out there. But lots of loose ice. I feel in ice wonderland. The noise of sizzling ice is hypnotizing. It crunches and bubbles, and in the distance with a loud thunder more parts of the glacier are bursting off and falling into the water leaving a massive cloud of miniature ice particles in the air. I have a borrowed Steiner Binoculars and I am so thankful for them. Thank you Manfred! I keep sitting on deck watching the ice float by, observing some birds sitting on floating ice bergs. 

We anchor and the fog has lifted. 

We’ve made it. This is the south of Spitzbergen the main island of Svalbard. I am really looking forward to the next weeks getting to know this area better. We will see more ice, more glaciers, visit some old time witnesses of coal mining, wale hunting und also spend some time in Longyearbyen. Might see some animals, preferably in safe distance. 
And hopefully I get to see this thing of midnight sun finally. 

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