Midnight sun – Bellsundet


We are moving the boat, the plan is to have some sightseeing in the fjord but it’s hard to fight against the current and driving into darker greyer fog takes away the idea of sightseeing anyways. 

So we rather move out of the fjord and continue our journey up north. It takes us about 12h to the next fjord. The crew watches uncountable seasons of the series suits. I know them all, the only television production that I really followed up on. So I prefer to read in my yachting almanac. Why not sitting on deck and observing the nature? It got a bit chilly and the pattern isn’t changing that much. Shifts are divided in 1,5h blocks. The sun came through the fog and was indeed shining through the clouds the whole way. Never touched the horizon. So there is a thing like midnight sun. 

Our compass doesn’t feel right. I kept steering 40 degrees, which already felt too far east for the route up north as I remember it from the charts. But going straight on that course line makes me drive Zickzacks. Are we too far north or is our compass having a defect? So reference is the plotter and the vision out of the windows. I hope the gps gets us in the right position, though. 

On the east side of Spitzbergen the sea is a bit rougher but as soon as we turn into the next fjord the wind changes and blows towards us which brings again a current to fight against. In fjords the rules of wind are different. Fjord winds are local and not covered in forecasts. 

Steffen was on watch when the boat arrived at the anchorage. He said it took them a long time to get the anchor to hold due to the weedy surface. 

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