When icebergs knock on the boat 


I wake up by strange noises. I’m not yet used to the enormous noise that ice makes when it scrubs along the outside of the steel boat. 

I can also get up and observe the environment with my binoculars. So this is what I want to do today. It looks as it is brighter outside. Maybe even sunny. 

A bowl of mysli and a banana are my breakfast for today. 

I take my binoculars and my camera and sit outside. The sun is shining. I can’t tell how good it feels to finally see some sun again. And if it’s just for an hour. The wind is strong and spins the boat around. That’s pretty convient as I can stay put and still see different parts of the horizon. The sun has lifted the fog and another mountain appears on the end of the bay that I haven’t seen yesterday. I see some goose standing in the water and picking something of the ground that they are standing on. With the outgoing tide a rock formation is set free, the goose are still picking. 

On shore I can see several leftovers of big trees. Just imagine, there is not one single tree on Svalbard, non on Bjørnøya ether. This means this trees have traveled a really long distance before they were washed on shore. Maybe the gulf current brought them up… This reminds me that I will take a dark winter day to finally read that book about the ocean currents. This nearly invisible power fascinates me.  

A big thunder marks the crash of ice. It’s the scull that was in the front row of the ice wall. 50cm a day did the researcher say is the glacier moving backwards over the total length. It’s impressive to be actually able to see that. And sad at the same time. Global warming… It’s so abstract. Our summers aren’t as sunny, warm and stable as I remember them from my childhood were we used to play outside, tanned and our hair nearly faded white. We feel the climate change more than the warming. But here I can witness the damage that global warming causes. I’ve read that green house gases are captured in the permafrost and due to the melting are set free into the atmosphere. I think I mentioned the other day. This is a devils circle. Some researchers are optimistic that it isn’t to late but the mindset of change is reaching the world population to slow. It has reached mine, definitely. I will see what consequences I will take out of this experience. 

The wind blows the fractures over to our boat. They sizzle when they pass by, some not so gently bump into to boat. The water is more green than yesterday and also more translucent. Maybe 50cm maybe a meter. Hard to say, I see some plant parts swimming and can see what is ment by, it’s just the peak of the iceberg. But how much ice can I actually see under the water surface. 

The goose left their stone and the fog is returning. Without the sun it’s getting fresh out here. I will go downstairs and continue reading my book about everything regarding boating. 

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