Fjords, where time stands still – Van Keulenfjord


It’s morning and everyone is getting a rest. Some sleep some watch series. 

 We moved the whole night, will rest now and do some sightseeing later on. Going on land, maybe. The glacier we can see is the someone we could see from our first fjord. 

It’s raining at the moment. I cuddle in my blankets and keep reading. I like the sound of rain. And I can get used to the sizzle and clocking of ice against the board wall.

Weather changes quickly here. I was happy about some hours of sunshine on deck, reading in my book. Don’t know when I last had the patience to read.  I enjoy the quiet time when some are on land others are sleeping and I am on my own sitting and enjoying time. 

I am on cooking. Carrot pumpkin soup it will be. Our food stock is getting smaller. Except of one orange no fruit is left, a zucchini, potatoes, another pumpkin, a leech. It’s time to fill up. For breakfast it’s knackebrot with marmalade. But for tonight we have enough. 

And as long as we have popcorn we are prepared for a movie night. “Despicable me” it is and a documentary about foodies. I can’t follow that to the end, it’s too much chichi. Some people with no culinary background, traveling around the world to eat in all the Michelin star restaurants thinking they are the new generation of food critics. The second part gets more interesting, it’s about a person who actually runs such a super star restaurant and its life. Well, more about him not having a life outside the restaurant and kitchen. I guess you don’t need to run a star cuisine to not have a social life as a chef. 

Manu and I are sitting in our room. She reads I crochet. It’s nice to have some quiet company. We get along well in our little chamber. We have a similar sense of tidiness and leave us enough space. Which literally isn’t easy. 

It’s 3am again, but nothing indicates that it’s night. The night and day rhythm on a boat isn’t balanced and the absence of a change between daylight and night doesn’t make it it easier to get everyone back in the same rhythm.  Morning is when you wake up. Can be afternoon for someone else of the crew. 

Tomorrow we will move around the fjord and maybe get up further north already. 

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