Van Mijenfjord

We moved the boat yesterday after dinner in a moment without fog so that the idea of sightseeing could brake through.On the anchor we had a bunch of seaweed. It’s good to imagine why it was so hard to anchor here in the first place. 

The scenery is just stunning. I’ve been sitting on deck for a while observing the shore with the binoculars. Well mountains with ice can be found in the alps as well but this glaciers that come down, all way to the water are impressive and the contrast of backed stone next to it makes it so mighty. Some areas look soft and green, maybe even have different shades of braun, some a bit purple. This must be the characters of a tundra flora. Lots of birds, in the water and on shore go after their daily habits, starring at us, some fly over and come closer, maybe hoping for food or just being interested. A seal swims by on an icebergs in a bit of a difference. The current isn’t as strong as expected and we are able to surround the the little island that lies like a barrier in front of the next fjord and we are able to find a new anchorage in front of the glacier. Some are tiered and vanish into bed at the first occasion. And some are planning on a little dinghy trip to let the drone fly. I am somewhat in between. It’s 5 in the morning and obviously I don’t have a proper day and night rhythm ether. Steffen made pizza on the crossing and it didn’t fit all in the oven. So the plan is to watch an episode of suits, wait for the pizza and go then. I am up for this. Crochet a little bag from the rest of the warm wool that wouldn’t be enough for a hat anymore. And after the series I went to bed, Fredrik and Manu go for drone flying. It’s 7am.

 I’m really having hard times to fall asleep. I try to hide under the blanket, even use my sleeping mask, a handmade souvenir I got in Sydney before my trip to Tasmania. But it still feels wired to me to sleep with it. I don’t know what it is, like I had too much coffee. Which I don’t drink anymore at all since a while. And if I still were, I had stopped drinking at this journey. All there is, is this Nescafé instant powder. So I don’t know what it is. But somehow I fell asleep at some point. 

It’s past noon now, I haven’t heard anyone up yet. I could tell as I am still living in the most central place in the boat. I don’t feel the urge to get up. It’s raining outside so sitting on deck with my binoculars isn’t cool. I guess I am more the kind of person that gets up for fruit or a walk. Both is not available. I would go for a shower. But this is something we have at least. So I stay in bed and read. Or get up and make pancakes. 

The weather didn’t improve over the whole day. It’s muddy, skippy and grey on land and noone is keen on going. I feel the scenery is more impressive to look at from the water that actually walking through it. It just gets a bit chilly and wet after a while. Inside card games an chess duels are in place. Katarina bakes and it looks like it’s going to be a long movie night.  

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