Isfjorden and Ymerbukta Fjorden

We slept a long time after we’ve anchored but everyone has the plan to go on land. We’ve already figured out that the fog lifts during the night so this will now always be our favorite time for shore visits. 

Ingvild is on cooking, baked potatoes it is and after Dinner/ Breafast we will drive with the dinghy on shore. 

Oh, someone actually is camping out here. 

A reindeer grases and doesn’t look at all impressed at all of us 7 walking along. 

We might not be the only ones being around. 

The meadow is so soft to walk on, softer than gras and it’s really bouncy. I can understand that reindeer walking here. 

Water always leads to glaciers…

If this was a fox hiding his prey?

This flowers are so tiny…

We are getting closer but in the end didn’t end up walking all that way down to the ice. We turn to shore and make us on our way back to our dinghy. 

Seeing this explains how all this stones get crushed by more stones and tonnes of ice. 

Someone found food. 

Better than this campers. 

Our dinghy is close. This is the tent we just saw on the beginning from the other side. 

While we are sitting on the stones waiting for someone from the boat to get us this fellows come along.  100 of them. 

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