Look who’s walking here: Mr Polar Bear

We were just 20 minutes out on our sightseeing tour up and down Isforden when Manu spotted a moving rock underneath a glacier. Can this really be a polar bear? Just yesterday we’ve been so certain, that there are no polar bears that far from ice and walked a round here a bit too casual, everyone roaming around. But, how far are we really from ice, there was a big glacier just behind us in the end of the fjord. Binoculars out: proven. It’s a polar bear. Our first one. 

Everyone is over excited, and we follow him a bit back the way we just came.

 He walks along the shore, on the water, in the water or back up… 

We can tell that he is well aware of us being here out on the water. 

As he keeps on walking and we inform the slysselmann, the authority up here in Svalbard to give a heads up to the organised camps that we past by on our walk yesterday. 

Another boat comes, some locals that heard us over the radio and support the slysselmann in keeping track of wild life,make sure no one shoots the bear and no one gets eaten. After a short

sightseeing they travel on to warn the camper as they have less draft than we have and probably would anyway get closer. 
We keep an eye on the bear and witness an interesting story. A seal is lying on a stone in the water. The polar bear seems to realice his prasents and walks down the shore. Not unnoticed by the seal which jumps elegantly into the water and bravely approaches the polar bear. Polar bears are good swimmers but would never stand a chance against a seal. Both know and the polar bear keeps on walking, pretending not seeing the seal which follows the polar bear until Mr Seal reaches his stone in the water again. 

The scenery is just amazing. This rough rocks and the green soft patches making the happening even more spectacular. At one point I can see the bear walking along of a field of the purple flowers I found yesterday. Would the situation be different, one could say: cute.

 And behind the bear, a wall of stone with a spooky face. 

We arrive together with the polar bear at camp No 1. They look like they’ve been familiar with bears approaching. Three people, one already on the way to camp No 2, one with a dog and one with a gun. 
They set a warning shot that made all birds flew in a swimming formation towards us and at first impressed the polar bear but then he got curios and he returned, in a safe distance. The man with the dog is already on the way to camp 2 and the last man standing makes himself, with fast steps without any hectically movements, on his way to the others. The bear keeps him in the focus. 

The bear most certainly wants to reach the glacier to hunt for food. But between the glacier and him is the other camp or a detour in the backland. He doesn’t continue to the camp 2.  

He returns to camp 1 and takes a rest. A long one. When we leave we can see him roaming around, looks like he’s on the way to take the on the detour. 

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  1. jakelambert93 says:

    Some magnificent photos you’ve taken


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