Pancakes during the night – just easy


3.10am, the anchor chain runs out with noise and I wake up, first thinking of an enormous iceberg but as it  continuous I recognize the chain, the anchor snaps in. 

This means my next shift at 4am will not be nesseccary. Wonderful, I didn’t sleep more than an hour. I again had this feeling of too much coffe. What is it? It starts to be annoying. And now I am tired, luckily I can get back to sleep. I need to get my camera from outside and my warm boots are a bit moist and I would like to dry them in the engine room… But it’s warm under my blanket…

Everyone who was still up is gathering in the kitchen. It’s movie time and time for a midnight snack. I can here Manu talking about making pancakes. I gave her my recipe just in the morning after she’d been standing next to me and my pancakes a several times now. But she has to protect her project, so I can hear. Someone recommends eggs, she denies. As someone else comes up with baking soda I  think I should get up and check on her pancakes… And get my camera and put my boots in the engine room… Ok. 

Manu looks relieved to see me, she managed to get everyone out of the kitchen who tried to influence her with funny ideas. She knows what she needs. It’s easy. One cup flour, one cup water and as much sugar as one feels like. But the flour isn’t easy to be given in the cup free handed. I usually put the cup in the flour, her point is true, the cup is already wet. Her dough looks good so far. Maybe a bit thin, a bit more flour. Will be 3-4 pancakes. Or two super fat ones. 

I still can’t open or close that moody hadge. It needs force and the right angle. I barely get that. I am trapped like a mouse but Manu can open it, I know. And she offers help. So I take care of the pancake in the pan and she opens and closes the hadge for me that I can get my camera. 

My shoes go in the warm engine room, it’s warm but not nice air. I don’t want to change with my shoes. I will go back under my blanket… But before I get a peach from Riley, one of these canned ones I never thought I would like. But on boats things change and as we don’t have fresh fruit since days anymore a canned peach is a delicatess. Hm. Maybe not but but it feels like fruit. 

Manu had been eating the ready baked pancakes straight away while the next was baking. Yes, best served warm.

I am off to bed and leave the others with several episodes of “suits” and a happy Manu with her last pancake. 

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