Belugas and Walruses

We sit in the hall, eating pancakes, girls crocheting/knitting. Some traveling on the iPad around the world. 

Should we go? Jupp. Engine on, set course. 

Looked as there was a bit of rain today. 

We are aiming for the top tip of the prince Karl forland. A walruses colonie is ment to live up there. 

We look up the coast, observing every stone. No walruses. We think we can smell them, it’s not so pleasant. And they are ment to stink. Well but obviously also are invisible. Interesting creatures. 

We turn by, set sails and steer… 

Directly towards a herd of Belugas. That is so incredible.

 They look like big waves, we can see their backs, some slightly stick there head out of the water. 

And while we watch them playing a walrus comes along to show of as well. 

What a great Birthday present for Manu.

Now we can steer back towards Isfjorden. Even the sun comes out for us tonight. (Right, it’s again way past midnight)

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