Museum, knitting and bailing on Pokemon 


We didn’t manage to be in the dinghy at 11 but at half past. 

Washed the second round of laundry and hang it in “our” tent. Free access, just lift the zip. No, we are still not afraid someone could steal our underwear. 

Breakfast in town! A fresh smoothy and an apple! How have I missed that. 

The breakfast place also is the the woolstore. New projects are about to start. I gave up on that book, boating almanac. At least for now. It’s interesting, yes but… No. I am not reading it in one go as a novel…

I saw a jumper on Ingvild the other day and was impressed that her mom made it for her. The pattern is a typical Norwegian sweater and I thought that kind of pattern would also suit my father. He told me a story of my first wool dress once. It used to be a handmade jumper made by one of his friends until his mother accidentally washed it to too hot. He kept it anyways and one day it was my dress. So next project: jumper for papa. 
It took us a long time to choose the right colors, find patterns, recipes for all the three of us, every girl on a different project, but eventually we made it. With a little help from one of the coffe shop girls we even managed to find the right size of needles. She seemed quite happy to have a break from coffe and sit with us in the handcraft area. 

The Svalbard museum is our next stop. A detailed story if Svalbards history, discovering, wale hunting, mining, and an outlook into the future… 

Please leave your shoes on the door. A typical thing up here, people running around on socks. We join. 

And an impressive collection of stuffed Arctic animals. The one polar bear was shot from two meter distance in a camp. We sit in front of him for a while. It’s so big. The most scary part are the massive paws. The hand is the size of a human face… It doesn’t need to bite to kill, a bitch slap would be enough. 

When the museum closes we walk towards the wildlife gallery. It’s a photo gallery with the most beautiful pictures of arctic wildlife. This all happens here the year around. Northern lights and sunny days. Some of the pictures are making me feel sad. A polar bear in a scenery of floating ice, looking towards the horizon. He will have a hard time to get home. Global warming is an issue. Some other picture show white polar animals on white snow… Just beautiful. I just want to stay in this area and experience this by myself, nature photographist could be something for me to become when I am grown up…

Next stop: food. It will be sushi, while we wait I search for something in my bag and figure out that I bought the wrong wool. Right color but the thinner one. Duh. 

How good that everything is so close by here. I run back to the store, that of course is already closed. It’s just past 6. But the door can still be pulled open. I tell the girl in the coffe what happened and she smiled saying, I should just exchange, what I need. I love it. That was so uncomplicated. 

On my way back to the sushi place I meet the boys and they join us in the restaurant. Sushi is freshly made. It is just about to be served when I came back. 

Food and then we can start our knitting project. Sitting outside in that pub from yesterday. No, we are not unsocial, we just don’t talk. We’ve talked enough the past weeks. We enjoy being in our one space. 

It’s not easy, until bed time we’ve started over with our project at least once everyone. Ingvild knits a jumper for herself in S, Manu a scarf with 350 mashes and me the jumper for papa in xl. We will all be busy for a while. No time to catch any pokemons anymore. Sorry. 

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