Another day in town 


Somehow we got home late again, not super late but after closing time. No after hour, though. But we chatted away on board with the guys and were drawn away by our projects. We have a bit of a late start until everyone is up and ready to go to town. With two dinghies we have to coordinate that no one is left behind with no transportation. 

My first goal is to find that library, I’ve not seen it yet while my strolls through town but heard the collection of photo books and historical documentary about the area should be impressive. 

I just ask around and find it. I am a bit disappointed… But hat did I expect? I mean a place like Bodelain Library would have been a bit oversized for this place, right? 

The library reminds me on the local community library in the suburb I grew up. Bellestristic in Norwegian, Thai and English, a kids corner, Internet. But it’s true, the collection on Arctic literature is unexpected large for the size of the library. And the pictures are interesting to flip through even though I don’t understand what’s written underneath. I sit down for a while watching through the windows… Happy. I just love libraries. Even small ones. 

Library closes at 5, as I want to get a proper pair of hiking boots I walk down to the sports centeren, they have a good selection. Stieg, the manager helps me to find the right sizes and indeed their is a pair that fits. It’s for mountain terrain and comfi. But even though it’s not really heavy I feel that I might not be happy about the weight. I just travel too much, luggage needs to be light weight… But the lightweight hiking boots don’t fit, just the ones for the woods. Same old story…

I meet the others again, they went shopping for souvenirs and warm gloves. And of course… Food. We were running out of nearly everything. So we met at the  grocery and bought what might last another week. The way to the boat is about 20min if one walks straight, for sure longer with all that goods…halfway a local turns around with his car asking if he could help out. We appreciate, really do. While the guys want to hangout on the boat we girls prefer town for now and we are released from sorting the shopping in the kitchen and the guys drive with the dinghy to the boat and we walk back to town. 

I try the Thai restaurant today for an early dinner. The others had lunch at our restaurant on the terrace were we spend already most of our time here. 

The weather is still warm and sunny, it really makes it easy to like this place. We meet Katarina on the half pipe. It’s her last night before she leaves the crew. So we want to spend some time. We hang out on the half pipe and knitt. A funny picture. 

In my project is a twist which is a bit of an issue for a jumper. So I have to start over. The girls walk into the Baretnz bar to meet some people and I decide to start over and stay until the crucial part is over. There is still warming sun…

We meet again interesting people tonight. I enjoy talking to tourists and locals a like. Interesting what people brings up here. One was on holiday and just stayed. Or like Stieg from the sports shop, he came for a season in the 90th. Is still here.

I also met Teddy, the nighty of the hotel. Isn’t his first season up here as well. 

If this happens to me? There is a consultancy company up here supporting engineering projects in extreme climate. Maybe…

The bar closes and I join the “no after hour”-dinghy. 

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