Waves and wind


We didn’t start as early as planned. But we started after some thoughts of wind and waves. There is a reef between Prins Karl Forland and the main island that we need to cross. It’s on 6m and with waves we would run into the risk to get stuck, due to the draft. So we decide to sail out there and have a look, worst case we just go up to the tip where we saw walruses the other day, have a look on some other glaciers and maybe go for a walk. 

The waves are pretty annoying, I really don’t like to be pushed around in a boat that much. My thermo undies now also are the first line of defense against bruises. I can’t remember that we had that before. I am using the wooden shield to have barrier in my bed that I can’t fall out, so I have a save spot to aim for. 

Well, that’s the name of the game.  And I must say the coldest night I had on this trip so far. I am dressed in warm warm warm close and am happy that, in case that wasn’t it, I still have one layer more spare. 

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