Glaciers, Fjords and a long walk. 


After a day on the water and a night anchoring close to our walrus spot we put the next step to vote: go further north, sailing and tacking in the cold blowing wind or using the north wind to get down again and check out other glaciers. 

Both has it advantages. I’d like to go north up to 80 latitude also to see any Ålesund. 80 latitude isn’t going to happen as the time is to short until we have to be back in Lingyearbyen for a crew change. Ny Ålesund, the researcher hub with Nobel price candidates seem to sound boring for the others. So, we would then go north and see more fjords and maybe different type of gravel instead of checking out more glaciers and gravel in the midsection of the island. Glacier and gravel both ways. I don’t mind. 

We decide on challenging the elements and go over the reef. 

We made it over the reef with no interference and it took another day ride to get up to one of the fjords behind Cap Mitra. We have a break and plan on a walk later. It’s still the same: best weather in the night/early morning hours. Until then we cook, Play a bit of chess and extending the knitting club.  Fredrik joined, on the way from Longyearbyen up here he already crochet a hat and is working on his second one now. 

The scenery again is so stunning. While I was trying to capture it In a photo I realised that the optic of my camera got damaged. What the heck?!? Pictures are only focused on the left half. So that means I need to use my 17mm optic and will concentrate on landscape pictures for now. Grrrrrr. 

After our break we set over with the dingy and form groups due to interests. Manu, Rilay, Espen and Fredrik go for a hike up the mountain to see the glacier from above and Ingvild and I decided on a shore walk all around the bay. We stopped every now and then to embrace the landscape plus Ingvild tried to go for a swim but the area was to shallow. We walked 10km and found interesting things, for example an old camp with stone ovens, benches and a table. The table looked not so old otherwise one could think it is a leftover from the walehunting period. 

Back on the boat by 6am ish we all are hungry, satisfied and tiered. We are not leaving for sightseeing as everyone went to bed, except Steffen, as he slept while we were walking. 

Sight seeing tomorrow. Good night for now. 

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