Ny Åledund a place with hidden scientists

After our sightseeing in the fjords north of Ny Ålesund we can tick of the 79 Latitude. We still won’t make it further up to 80. Would have been so curios how it is there. At 80.5 the north pole ice begins this year. We are pretty close… And yes, it’s cold outside but the nasty waves are gone and the wind is way milder than on our way up. 

We steer towards Ny Ålesund. We have some time left and decided to check out this town. I am on cooking and am preparing savory pancakes for everyone. At least 2 pro person was wished for. So I am standing in the kitchen backing in one pan 18 pancakes. I try to keep them warm in the oven, they just tast better warm. 

It’s beautiful warm outside and the ice bit Fredrik wanted to turn into a swan is now perfect to cool our sodas. 

We all enjoy that sunny day differently. But always someone on animal watch. I prefer sitting outside and listen to Steffen how he tells Grimms fairytales to Manu with some very special twists. It’s hilariously funny. He also tells stories about an Espen that must be something to read to kids in Norway. 

When we come close we can see some motor boats cruising around, it’s a busy area… We speculate that this are boats on research and not tourists. 

I defently have a sleep deficite and after my hour steering I will happily be in my bed until we reach Ny Ålesund. Ingvil offers to take my shift in exchange for three sweet pancakes. Well, yes, deal. 

In Ny Ålesund a big cruise liner is docked, a five star ship from Pondant. Massive, and the town is fludded with Chinese people all dressed in the same red expedition jacket and some yellow jacket guides that try to keep there sheeps together and bring them back on board. After they are gone this town looks like a goast town, the only store closed with the last customer and the post wasn’t even open. 

So what’s to see in this town? A helicopter, several wooden houses, a monument of Aderson reminding on his journey to the pole with a Zeppelin, an old railway and on the mountain some satellite thingies. So pretty much not much. The researchers are hidden, one guy walks towards the store that we are still sitting in front of enjoying our soda and chips. He is an illustrater and is wiring on a book about researcher up here. He’s here since a week and says this is the first day with sun since he arrived. The had snow-rain the other day. 

He explains me that the cantina that I am looking for is just for researchers and I am not allowed in. What a bugger, I read so much about that one place where everyone meets. 

So, we go back to the boat. The town is one street about 800m long, well it has a T-junction, so maybe 1000m in total. 

We are super tiered and want to rest a while before heading south again. The harbour authority comes and asks us to pay 700 krona (roughly 70€) to be docked. Considered that there is no electricity, no fresh water and no showers we are happy to leave and anchor elsewhere or just head back south.

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