Back in town


We discus on rawing or taking the engine. The engine is heavy and we Gil’s aren’t happy to attached on the dinghy on our own. But we will manage… Riley can help. Damn. We lost the dinghy while preparing it. Manu thought about jumping in the water to get it back but the current dragged it to far already. We tried to get attention from any other boat for help. We saw two people with dinghies just earlier… We decide to get the second dingy ready. This was probably the record in blowing up a dinghy. Fredrik was up and helped to attach the engine, and by us being ready to rescue the dinghy, someone from a neighbor boat came already with the dingy toed towards us. That’s a friendly  neighborhood we are in. 

Now the shower is even more deserved. A sign on the door shocked us. No hot water! Luckily we didn’t believe it and showered anyways. The water was super hot in the beginning and cooled down and was cold in the end but that didn’t really matter. 

Which bar? The one that is the closest one. Ok, that Baretnz in the Radisson hotel. So it is. We have some drinks and on the bar is a great sign saying that tipping attracts rare pokemons. Well, one just need to know ones customers… We even meet some familiar faces, Teddy  with a friend André. What I like about this small town is that it is easy to meet people. New ones or the same ones. And easy to get into a conversation. 

The bar closes at 2.30. Ingvild and I still have a lot of cider in our bottles so we decide instead of chucking it down we will just take the bottles with us and finish it on the boat. 

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