Calm waters and sun, on our way back to Longyearbyen 


We don’t anchor in between. We are straight on our way to Longyearbyen. The weather stays with us for a while and I am on polar bear watch. I search about an hour with the binoculars the hills. That idea wasn’t genius, I feel super dissy now and need to lay down. Even though I am really tiered my puls is so high I can’t sleep. It took me 15min laying to have it back in normal pace. Lessons learned. Getting closer to Longyearbyen the sun vanishes. We reach the place quite late but are still in time for some drinks in town. Manu and I convince Riley to join us for a shower and then into town to celebrate Manus and Ingvilds last evening. The main argument were that he could grab some pokemons on the way. We can make it till midnight into town. 

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