Breakfast in town, sightseeing and preparing our next leg

This morning we start earlier, after we had this little dingy topic yesterday when Manu, Ingvild and I wanted to go for breakfast and we couldn’t start the engine, as couldn’t  the guys. Now the small dinghy has the big engine and nearly flys vertical out of the water if not driven carefully over the waves. 

We aim for a hotel breakfast buffet at the SAS. We don’t know how long it’s open but we know we need a bit of a choice today. So leave the boat around 8am, a short night and we all are out of the day and night rhythm anyways again. There is no sence at all in getting back into it. We are leaving to around 3pm. We plan to meet some friends if Fredrik in a cabin up the fjord, stay 1-2 days, go for a hike and check out Pyramiden on our way back before heading south towards Lofoten. 

Nadja and I do a sightseeing tour through town and meet the others for grocery shopping later. 

We will maximal stop for fuel before sailing south so we need to get enough. The crossing to lofoten is about 8 days, time wise the similar as up from Tromsø, just that we hit mainland a bit further south. 

Back on the boat Espen and Frederik vanish into engine room, they’ve spend a a pretty while there the last days. It started somehow with fine tuning and somewhat with a relais. Well… I’ve no idea. Just that somehow the engine will not start but could be hot wired and that they are about to change that.


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