Puff puff puff – a moody engine makes us change plans. 


We’ve fueled up gasoline, emptied the bin for a last time and eventually also bunkered water. A German sailboat was blocking the only water horse for quite a while, as they were tidily cleaning the boat. 

Sure, we would arrive at the cabin in daylight but maybe a bit late for dinner. It’s about a 6 hours sail, it’s past 3pm and we better get going, store the fenders properly and tidy up the deck. 

Puff puff puff – engine makes new sounds. And the drill we had months ago works perfect. “If you hear a weird sound of the engine – turn it off.” So far, so good. What’s now? Fredrik and Espen vanish in the engine room. A familiar picture but the look on the faces aren’t happy. 

We others can’t do much, don’t dand in the way… Nadja and I use the occasion to keep catching up about the last 5 years we’ve not seen each other…

We are still in sight of the harbour and close to our last anchorage. If we are able to anchor under sails? We are, as we’ve proven and the guys keep on working on the engine. 

I think men that know how to use a wench are quite attractive, I know it doesn’t help at all at the moment, and… Right, it didn’t worked out perfectly the last week, when ever they screwed something but… but at least we have attractive men on board. 

The engine can be started again, the reason for the breakdown isn’t totally sure but some loose vents or something like that are blamed.

Well, in case this wasn’t the problem, what is the plan? It’s Friday night, no one will have spare parts till next week anyways. 

We still have sails, though. Going into the fjords with this wind might work but we might not be able to tack out. So, that’s not a plan to spend the weekend. 

The wind looks favorable to go down south back to the mainland. And in case we need something, it would anyways be easier to get it there. 

So Lofoten, it is. Huist sails. 

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