12/12 midnight and noon shifts. 

I started off with a midnight shift when we left Longyearbyen and it was the same brightness at midnight as we got used to during the last weeks. 

My next midnight shift was in the south of the island, not yet the tip but about 8h further to the last Svalbard rock. I had the feeling that it is darker, the guys set the theorie that it is due to the clouds. Anyways, I can’t read in bed without an extra light anymore, the hedge doesn’t let enough in. 

But now it’s noon, still clouds and way brighter than midnight. So we leave the high midnight sun behind us. With every night it’s getting darker but just a bit, like it gets darker when a cloud covers the sun. It will still be way to go to dark nights again but it’s fascinating how noticeable it is. 

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