Typical South Tip of Svalbard 


Ahrggghh… The sound of a water bottle poring out wakes me up. I think of the toilet first but see as soon my eyes are open, that the water came through the hedge.  That’s not funny. It’s closed but not firmly. Lucky that I always put something under it. The damage isn’t big and I have to get up for my shift anyways. 

We are underway since roughly 34 hours now. The wind is still in our favor but the waves are getting bigger. We are on the south tip of Svalbard, an area that is known for their waves. They shake us through the boat. We are sailing on the open water in a distance to the land that we can’t see it anymore. Waves are ment to get stronger closer to shore. What we have here is enough. 

Best place to be is the bed or steering. A nice wave came into the cockpit with a swell, now it’s wet. Surly it wasn’t the last one. 

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