Welcome back to Bjørnøya 


We made it. After 66 hours on sea we are on land again. Visiting our friends in the weather station and stretch the legs a bit. 

It’s the fist time I see this place without fog. 

With the newest hints on the weather we go back to the boat, have more ideas and  fill the thoughts about anchoring or going south with some content. 

The wind will be a strong northerly one. Strong but perfect direction. A low is coming and if we head south now we might stay clear of evil winds. Nevertheless we will have pretty waves. 

 We go. Who knows what comes next. 

Baerisland greeted us with sunshine and for farewell we get fog and coldness. 

Riley cooks a warm fish soup from the cod the guys cought in an earlier shift. And Fredrik, Espen and I sew the patches of Bjørnøya on our jumpers. Well Fredrik starts but gets inpatient and offers to swop my stealing for his sewing. Sure, can do that. Espens sewing looks interesting in progress but decent when he finished. 

By the time everyone has eaten, the dishes are done and all sails are huist we reach the south tip of Bjørnøya. We thought we go down on the east side as this is ment to be the most senic one. Well with all this fog we could have taken the short route. 

At least we don’t miss out on anything sleeping. 

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