Devils Dance Floor – nomen est omen


Messi waves and wind from behind. It really diabolical. On our way up it was so calm and we were about to think it’s just a myth but this trip teaches us the better. 

Devils Dance Floor, this sea area has its name for a reason. 

The current of the Gulf streams meets the cold Arctic waters of the Barents Sea and as they’d meet and fall overwelming into each other’s arms we dance on top of the breaking waves, on 4-5m we feel like on the top of the world… Winds still from behind, roiling waves pushing us. Some waves just take us for a long surf. 15kn was the fastest we measured, 12kn the standard. Compared to our 4kn travel speed or 6kn under sails, maybe 8kn when we were speedy. So 12kn is fare beyond and 15… It’s a powerful surf….

So what can we do? Ride the waves, dance with the devil. 

Tune in and volume up!

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