First sunset after month


“Whales” I can here Fredriks voice into my my dreams. “Belugas” said my mind and I turn around, hide under my sleeping bag. No beluga gets me out of this warm heaven. We’ve seen loads of them now but just the white backs while there swim, they don’t jump like dolphins and aren’t as entertaining as walruses. 

Knock knock on our window. I open one eye. Fredrik. I can see he is just wearing woolen undies, our hot pants, boat uniform. But if he stands outside like this it’s more than just belugas to see. I don’t wast time to get dressed, woolies is enough. I wake up Nadja, she says she can’t get bothered. Ok. 

It is a beautiful sky, pink orange, our fist sunset in month and Espen smiles: Orcas. 

Wow, orcas and sunset, well spotted, Espen. We can change his name now from “the breaker of engines” to “the spotter of whales”. 

This is a present to the patient once.i knew I was looking forward to the romantic atmosphere of sunsets after the never ending days of Svalbards midnight sun. This is more than I’d dare to ask for. 

 The Orcas play around the boat like we know it from the Dolphins. The sun gives the scene a magical touch. Moments like this let me forget everything inconvenient about this life style. Life is good. Bare bra. 


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