Andenes – City of seaguls


Andenes is a little town I know from stories of my parents when they booked a whale safari, had awful weather didn’t see any whales and refused to go on a free ride for another try on the next day… It had a gray film over it in my imagination. 

It kind of has indeed, but more of that it has seagulls nesting everywhere with an enormous level of noise and it has a stunning view of lots of rocks, wide waters up to the mountains… 

We find a funky playground with buoyed similar arranged to the ones I found in Fasnavåg. So maybe the once in Fosnavåg where ment for jumping as well. These ones defently are. 

Time is flying and also everything closes between 4 and 5, so Nadja, Genevieve and I take a strole through the area and have a pick nick by the water. The guys are internetting. We’ll join later. 

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