Leknes, Barbeque and an overdue haircut for Riley


From Andenes we make us on the way to Lofoten…

sailable winds bring us to Leknes where we find a privat Marina. This means, we are locked in the marina as we don’t have a key but we have a dinghy to paddle on shore. 

The water is clear, we hadn’t that in a while the breaking glaciers in Svalbard makes the water brackish and dirty looking. 

We pack the dinghy with food and paddle on shore for a Barbeque. The first one in a long row following in the next weeks. 

Back on the boat and a few glasses later Riley reckons he needs a new haircut, Espen offers to solve this with the raser of Fredrik and the kitchen scissor. He agrees, am I the only one not considering this is a grandiose idea? Looks like…

Riley gets placed on the pier under a latern and the spot light comes from a headlamp. I try to supervise. Riley had just cute curls, Espen shouldn’t remove them all. Under cut and man bun it should be. It will be interesting how everyone thinks about the outcome in the morning. 

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