Barbeque on Pipi island


We got visitors today, and a large Barbeque and fishing trip is planned. Firstly the dinghies need to made ready but even though it sounded good it turns out that only one engine will work and the second dinghy will be towed. 

​First stop is the supermarket. We are a bit in a hurry, they close in 10minutes. And the pier we choose first was so privat that a guy came running and chased us away. He was certainly not happy. 

The ride to the little beach/island/stones on the other side of the curve takes a bit longer than expected and as soon as the dinghies are on land everyone disappears in different directions. So this island came to its name: Pipi island. 

Nadja, Genevieve and I stay on the island while the others (6) squeeze in the dinghy to get fish for dinner. We collect wood, make fire and enjoy the peaceful environment and some film music tunes…

Our fire makes the place nice and cosy and when the others came back it had the right temperature to grill food in it. 

We sit, talk, drink and eat till the early morning hours and when we make us back on the way home it’s already dark. In the boat we start a movie, it’s Lion King and in the end just Steffen and me watching and singing along. Everyone else made it to bed. 

Steffen is a a night owl than I am and it’s not seldom that it is us sitting in the living room way after everyone else went to bed. But after this movie it’s time for us to go to sleep as well. 

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