Bodø – back in civilization 


We reach Bodø after a pretty good sail, docked in the Marina. I prefer a marina than an anchorage as we are all free to roam around as we like. 

Bodø will bring us some changes. We get new Crew and have to say goodbye to Nadja and Riley, Fredrik will get a weekend visit from his girlfriend and we have the chance to take advantage of being in civilization or go on a hike…

Tonight we choose city life. We meet some girls for Barbeque and will head into a bar afterwards. We girls go first and I thought that the guys will not make it. Espen already went to bed when we came back to the boat from the Barbeque. 

But, everyone appeared sooner or later in that bar. They also had ping pong in the garden and some matches were going on. 

It was a fun night out that ended in a burger and chips place. Best chips ever, sure. Better we don’t visit that place sauber…

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