Aviation museum, shopping and movie

We meet Fredrik and Linda in town for a coffee and Espen and I go to check out the aviation museum. It’s ment to be not only aviation but also about the First and Second World War. 

I must say, I am happy to have found someone being interested and not giving me the feeling of dragging him into a museum. Espen knows and reads a lot about the world wars and is far better informed about political backgrounds than I am. My way of being interested in this time of history was be reading books about people and talking to time witnesses and talking to Espen about political backgrounds makes me feel I’d should go and read some more books… And we have a lot to talk about again…

The museum is impressive and shows not only Norways role but also plenty of planes and tools used in this time. 

It’s a bit wired, even though I am so far from the happenings I still feel bad for all the damages caused due to the world wars and am very sorry for Germanys role in it.

The museum explains the displays besides in Norwegian also in English and German. 

We spend hours in the expedition and when we come to the tower overlooking the airport we see the sun gone and rain instead. We call in freewillingly to be in charge of groceries shopping and cooking for tonight. The rain might be over after shopping, and the grocery store is just next to the museum. 

Filled eggplants it is and for dessert a movie. About the Jew deportation in Paris, France April 1942. 

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