Wilderness – a night out. 

If I’d thought about a night out a year ago, this would not have been the first thing on my mind. But I must say if was the far best night out in a pretty long time, year or decades…

We drove over to a little island, just on the other side of the habour, getting out of the city for a change again. 

For people and some camping gear fit compfortly in to the dinghy. 

Our aim is to catch some fish for dinner and I’ve actually learned to fish but it is Espen who gets us the dinner. 

Fredrik and Linda set Espen and me out on the south side of the island while they decided to take the beach on the north side, a stone’s throw away. We might meet up on the hill for a sundowner later. 

While Espen builds up the tent on a green patch connection two beaches I go and collect firewood. There is a lot to find, washed on shore or rain soaked from yesterday. The lack of trees make me daubt our decision of this part of the island but eventually we’ve enough and I build a temporary collection place on one of the beaches. The fire is going to be on the other beach, longer sunlight and even though it’s summer, it’s cooling down as soon as the sun goes down. So we better stay in the sun as long as possible and also get enough wood for a long lasting fire. 

I didn’t payed perfect attention the last time when Steffen showed how to fillet a fish, but I remember how Katarina showed to disembowld a cod in Fasnavåg. (Omg… That feels like ages ago, beginning of June) Now I’ve come to the point that I want to be able to provide for my own food. So I have to figure out what to do with this fish now. Fredrik disembowled it on the dinghy together with the others in one go, so I just have to filet it. I know how to do this with a grilled fish, but raw? YouTube my friend teaches me while Espen takes care of the fire. 

I go to the other beach, tide is too low on this one and I need water to clean the fish and on the other beach the tide has created a little river that might do. Not only do I get wet feet while my shoes sink into the still wet sand I also figure out that I got the wrong knife. So I leave the fish behind and get the other knife. Espen says the only dry stuff we have is gras and toilet paper. 

I wonder if he is going to burn all of it but have no time to get deeper into that thought as a seagull noticed the unattended fish and I have to sprint back. Right in time. I somehow manage to filet the fish with not to many bones or to heavy sacrifices. It’s far from perfect but it’s good enough. 

Espen still fights with the fire. We have this funky spark making metal stone and no lighter, it should work somehow but the gras burns down to quickly before setting anything else on fire. We are not making it on top of the mountain for sun set and we wonder if the other two are more lucky… We are thinking of everything that could burn, I could offer my socks but they’re wet at least on the toes. I absence of better ideas, sock it is. We get that fire going, we don’t know how long it will burn so we through all the food in the fire and the fish on top, wrapped in aluminum foil. 

The fire burns better than expected, food is due soon and I must say, the fish turned out well and our backup food can still be good for breakfast. 

We sit and watch the fire when suddenly a noise speared not far from us in the gras. A fox. He comes close, looks nosy rather than aggressive, still I am scared as I’ve learned foxes are shy and if they come close to humans they might carry diseases. We consult Google and daddies and find out that foxes are most likely not carrying dangerous diseases in Norway and that this disease they might have will make them look run down and really sick. Our fox looks freshly showered and dolled up rather than sick. So all good. 

He comes quite close to the fire but doesn’t like the click of my camera, he even try use to come from behind. Might be interested in company or looking for food, but we don’t have any fish left. He even tries to find some around the tent and Espen finds the fox with his nose in his bag. Might be better to close the tent, though. 

Where ever Espen goes the fox follows in a safe distance of 1.5 arm length. Still skeptical. I am pretty happy about that out come as I’d rather not be alone with a fox on the beach. 

Night gets darker and darker but the fire gives the impression that it’s not really dark. We try to find the polar star and mange so after a few attempts. Still a lot to learn in terms of astronavigation. But the wagon is beatiful and clear tonight. 

Some strange clouds turn up, like a half circle or a big condensation stripe from an airplane. With bare eyes hard to see, how good that I keep on taking pictures of everything… It’s northern lights. WOW. I’ve not expected that. 

It’s getting really moist outside and it’s cooling down to an uncomfortable temperature. We don’t have mattresses in the tent but the tent is placed on a soft gras patch so it will we good for the few hours left.

The moon shines bright over the city and while I brush my teeth with the view on town I am more than happy to be on this island challenging my wilderness skills. 

Life is good. 

And as the morning comes and the fog lifts, this perception of the night remains. 

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