Last Barbeque in town


We come back around lunch time from our excursion to the island and hang out on the boat. I take a shower, had one yesterday but a) it’s good to take advantage of the availability and b) do I smell like a bun fire on legs… That probably is not going to change, as my cloth will have this aroma for ever…

We got new crew during we were on that island. Lars a Norwegian guy and two American surfers, brothers. 

I start to pack my Arctic cloth to ship them home. I will not need them in the next weeks and after my time on FAIRWINDS I am planing on some city trips around Scandinavia with just my back pack. 

LC, the harbour office girl visits us on the boat and we agree to meet later at the BBQ point. It’s a good way to mix up and get to known each other a bit. 

She couldn’t make it to the BBQ but comes along with wine to the boat. We try to learn the truckers hitch knot…

 The lack of sleep from the last night gets me a bit but in the end it’s again Steffen and me being awake and sharing music till early morning. 

I shall sleep more…

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