Graffiti lanes and Kafka


What exactly means waking up early. I always thought like if not more than 25% of the people are awake. That usually was Manu and me and now Genevieve and me. When I came in the kitchen this morning I found already three people sunken in books after breakfast… It’s not yet 9…

I grab my staff and make my way to the post, I have time, in the afternoon I’ll pick up Espen to walk to the graffiti lanes and until then I am at the post office, call my sister in law, walk around… Take a shower…

The streets of Bodø have the characteristic wooden houses one finds all over Norway but also have some impressive Graffities. I like the one with the spray kid the best. 

We meet the others at Kafka before we go back to the boat. We’ll head out tonight. 

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