Barbeque, fish and a little rain in Nordfjord


Leaving the Arctic circle or not, that doesn’t change anything on our habits. Fishing and Barbeque. We cought plenty on our way and are looking forward to a nice spot at the end of the Nordfjord. 

The flora has changed. The trees are more and taller as well. The top of the mountains carry some snow and others some glaciers and the waterfalls make enormous sound effects. 

We anchor but want to tie the boat on land as well so that in case the wind turns we don’t drift on to ground. 

We walk a bit up the river and bring some fire wood on the way. 

We have macrel, cod and a big halibut. So we need a propper fire. Which, as proven will not be an issue. 

The fish gets wrapped in aluminum foil and the halibut places on the hot ash and covered with sand. The guys bring up an enormous patience. 

The burry it and un burry it, just to notice that it wasn’t done yet… Keep calm…

Waiting and waiting. We go and collect some mushrooms and Genevieve finds blueberries. 


And then it starts to rain, not much… Just a bit… It feels good. The fire is still warm… 

And finally the fish is done. 

But no more patience to hold still for a victory picture…

Bon appetite. 

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