Good bye arctic Circle 


We are leaving the arctic circle. It’s a good moment to take some time and think about the highlights of this tour. 

Two eagle spread their wings and fly close by. Freedom is one of the feelings that dominates me being on this ship through the Arctic. We haven’t made 80Latitude, but we made 79. Way northern than most people ever come in their life. 

I feel privileged that I had the opportunity to join SY FAIRWINDS on the Arctic Expedition 2016. This time comes to an end but the memories I made are forever. This is what you get when you are just brave enough to make the first step towards your dreams. 

This is not the end of my journey, this is the end of the Arctic chapter, for now. 

Svalbard was impressive with its glaciers.

Lofoten are green and magical

The open waters so spacious

The wildlife impressive

Sails in the wind a beautiful image

And the nature so exceptional

And the crew… Just an unique team. Thanks to all who made this possible. And yet: new adventures lay ahead us. 

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