Calling in at Rørvig for the night. 

As the storm builds up we decided to take the tour between the little islands and deal with nasty shallow areas instead of getting blown away on the ocean side. 

We reach a habour on the Inner Vikna, Rørvig and planning on staying over night until the worst is over and keep continuing our journey down south in the morning hours. 

Even though the bucket situation didn’t turned out as complicated and if we’d brought shampoo on deck the rain would have been enough to shower as well we all were happy to find a solid toilet in the harbour. 

While the causer of trouble got a vocational training as a Plummer it turned out that the bucket situation will last for a bit longer and we’ll not hit out in the morning. We first have to try to find a new toilet. 

The mood on the boat is quiet and watching Borat is a try to cheer everyone up. I managed to never see it till now, sometimes stupid humor is what is needed. And chocolate! Lots of chocolate…

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