Out of Service


Well, a lot things happens on a boat but actually this is the first time that I really experience the nightmare of a toilet out of order. We had it flooding the boat a several times but this time someone forgot to that the basket next to it is for paper and the toilet just for the business. It’s clocked and we have to use the outside bucket alternative. 

Privacy? No, not really. It’s a bit wired going for your business while everyone else sits in sight. But the actual distance is further away than toilet and living room. 

It’s still sunny outside… But the slight waves make the bucket move, I try to figure out a way squatting over it and still keep it in place …  Fun fun times…. I try to ignore everyone around me but it doesn’t perfectly work…. Pi and done. I’ll come back later. 

Or just wait till tonight: heavy rain will make sure I am alone with the bucket…. And help to clean the deck, in case the bucket solution doesn’t work out. 

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