Good morning… Sun is out, water calm 


And nothing reminds on the last two days… 

The route is south and sometimes it’s good if nothing new is to report. 

I washed all my underwear (4) last night as I had just one left. By that I got a bit over board and also washed my woolen long pants and the two functional trousers. Don’t know what I was thinking about, that I will not need it the next day? Obviously. It’s hanging in the sun to keep on drying before the night comes (14h to go) and I just enjoy the sun and maybe maybe my legs get a bit of the tan back I used to have back in Australia… The view is beautiful this morning. 

If five minutes after you woke up your smile is like this one, you know you’ve made the right choices. 

And hey Nadja, I am sure you’ll read this: do you remember the cracked vent? Genevieve turned it into a bottle holder. You can come back now, we’ve solved the “where to put the bottles”-topic

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